Effective Zone Entries


Middle Drive w/Active D on 2nd Wave

  • COMMUNICATING with effective results


So much to see here

EDM D separates puck, EDM97 Low C support in DZ, puck support on the wall. Foot work, speed, strength, puck protection skills = effective LRF and 2v1 zone entry.

WPG44 weak side D too much gap. WPG55 lets up, quits tracking.

EDM93 shows patience, good position 2v1, EDM61 finishes at the net.

…and don’t miss that Oilers fan blowing a kiss to everyone in a blue sweater XOXO


9/3/2018      Zone Entry Options

1) Back Pass  2) Ladder  3) Wide Drive  4) Funnel


3) 3v2 Weave at OBL = F1 goes 200' for Scoring Chance

  • Moving puck forward, F driving seams = creating multiple 2v1 situations

  • F3 net drive, communicating = Grade A Scoring Chance

  • D gap up to net front = caught deep with 3v2 the other way